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Community Album Project

Where the community makes the music

What’s the I’m Who I Am Album About?

In response to the rapid shifts in our community, I am inspired to create a concept album to understand better this pivotal moment in our community. This album is called, I’m Who I Am.

Inspired by progressive works such as Roger Water’s album, “Amused to Death”, which incorporates stories, audio recordings, and themes into the music, this project will follow an organic, creative process where I will analyze local media and social media content to capture community shifts, issues and controversies as they develop.

Who Is Involved?

I will engage in informative interviews with citizens with lived experiences and key players such as politicians, experts, etc. 

The interviews and media content will inform the songs and musical style of the pieces composed. Situated in my community music practice, which strives to give all people the opportunity to participate in music-making, the creation of the music will be collaborative. 

I will be working closely with the individuals whose stories I am sharing to develop the piece.

Although I’m Who I Am is inspired by our community, the music produced is intended to be approachable and consumable in a broader context. These songs will represent the stories of cities grappling with forging their path as they grow. 

Many Canadian cities, and cities worldwide, could relate to this shared experience. Some current issues are drastically different from what we faced in the past, while others we have been contending with for decades. The songs arising from my community can be echoed in a chorus worldwide. 

Our Story Is A Shared One

I’m Who I Am is part of a conversation about what it means to live as part of a community in the ever changing world.

We acknowledge the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts and
the Region of Waterloo Arts Fund.

Think we could work together?

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