Corporate Services

  • Are you putting together a new team and looking for a positive experience to build collegiality?
  • Are you starting a project and want an unique way to create and communicate your upcoming targets?
  • Does your team need some re-vitalization to move toward your organizational goal?
  • Interested in supporting a corporate sustainability plan?
  • Looking for some regular programming that offers employees the chance to de-stress over lunch?

I offer customized music-making experiences to meet the needs of your organization.

Packages can include multiple music-making opportunities, songwriting sessions, audio and visual recording, as well as rights to use all the musical material created on social media and company websites.

Programs can include:

  • Drumming Circles: Studies have shown that rhythmic music leads to a phenomenon called “interpersonal motor coupling” where team members synchronize their behaviours and attitudes resulting in increased cooperation.


  • Songwriting: When studying teams that routinely work together, it was noted that after five rounds of experimental decision making, singing together can increase cooperation within groups. Songwriting workshops can promote cooperation and address a particular organizational goal by writing music to answer questions such as “what is the best part of working with this team?” or “how will we achieve goal X in Y time?”

  • Sustainability Planning: We make musical instruments out of material diverted from landfills and recycling plants in order to make music accessible and encourage people to think about their sustainable practice. Workshops can be designed with junk instruments to plan or support corporate sustainability action plans.

  • Regular music-making programming: Research shows employees often listen to music on the weekends as a way to de-stress from the workweek. Bringing music into the workplace is an easy way of providing de-stressing opportunities during a workday. Why not offer a monthly lunchtime music-making session for your employees?