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Some samples of my music created in the community.

I'm Who I Am

For The Weary is a song about the affordable housing crisis in the Region of Waterloo. The song is inspired by a local resident, Wayne, and his lived experience of homelessness. Wayne shared his story as part of a collaborative project between the Social Development Centre of Waterloo Region and the University of Waterloo called, “Life Stories of Displacement”. Working collaboratively with Wayne, For the Weary was inspired by Wayne’s interview and his poetry.

Wayne’s interview | We Seem To Be A Society Of Labels 

Wayne’s Poetry: Don’t Laugh At Me

Earth Lullaby is a song about sustainability from an intercultural perspective. The Middle Eastern melody and guitar line represents where I come from, and is combined with Western influences (piano) and an indigenous drum and message representing where I currently live.

The song is a narrative of the Raven, a Creator, a magician, a cultural hero, and a trickster in traditional indigenous stories. The Raven uses his cunning to bring important life-giving elements to humanity such as fire, light, and the tides of the sea.

In Earth Lullaby, the Raven warns us about how we are consuming this world through greed. The refrain is influenced by vocable sections in indigenous songs, a way to make music accessible across different indigenous nations and languages during shared musical experiences.

Songs of Kitchener

These are songs that were created in community during my appointment as the 2019 City of Kitchener Artist in Residence (Kitchener, Ontario, Canada). My project involved capturing the sense of community among Kitchener residents through song. We are capturing these songs on audio recordings in order to share the music more broadly and using junk instruments to accompany them.

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