Once Upon a Time was the very last song created as part of my time as the City of Kitchener Artist in Residence. And, of course, being the last one, we had to end it on a twist! Every other song we created was done in a 1.5 hour workshop where the participants developed the music and the lyrics. At the end, we performed it in a public setting.

Not this time!

This song was created during the 2019 Belmont Village Bestival where the lyrics were inspired by participants of Bestival Reads on the Friday night, who wrote their thoughts about meeting various authors and learning about their books.

Those thoughts were taken (in the form of post-it notes) to Gildner Green in Belmont Village on Saturday afternoon to a group of complete different people where we created music and lyrics based on the experience of those that attended Friday night.

And this is what we came up with:

Once Upon a Time

Open your eyes
Look at the sunrise
Open your eyes
Hope is in disguise

Lead with your heart
Let the journey take part
Lead with your heart
Pick a book to start

The End

It is only fitting that the last song of my residency and the last song of the album ends with “The End”.

Album Art By Hunter Barron

Listen now on your favourite streaming platform!

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