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Yoga and Somatic Coaching

Where music meets mindfulness.

A bit about my practice...

I have been a student of yoga for over two decades with a teaching style that focuses on hatha yoga and Restorative yoga with a trauma sensitive approach. I offer a holistic practice grounded in breathwork and movement, incorporating mudra and pranayama. Using my musical background, I bring together meditative and healing elements such as sound baths, drumming, music, and vocalization (chanting and mantras) to deepen the yoga and somatic experience.

I create an inclusive space for all students – come as you are and find a supportive environment to engage with a restorative practice of self-exploration.

What is Somatic Therapy?

Somatic therapy is a modality that aims to treat mental and emotional health issues through the connection of mind and body. This body-centric approach works by helping to release stress, tension, and trauma from the body. As a yoga instructor and a somatic therapist, I create opportunities for individuals and groups to delve into bottom up processing, where we work from awareness of our senses to understand what is happening in our mind. This work involves exercises such as Restorative yoga, breathwork, guided imagery, healing touch, and music. Goals of somatic therapy can include (but not limited to): grounding, emotional and trauma release, strategies for self-regulation, and strengthening personal boundaries.

Think we could work together?

Interested in exploring your body’s felt sense, becoming more attuned to your emotions and responses, and carving out time to deepen your self-awareness?

Contact me to explore one-on-one yoga and somatic coaching or to organize a yoga class.